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Image: Meet like-minded energetic and fit people for friendship, activities in TGO (The Great Outdoors) or dating, Date Active. Image: Date Active the online meeting place to find and/or date others with an interest in your active and energetic outdoors lifestyle. Image: Date Active - meet other singles with your interest in an active lifestyle. Find new friends for walking, climbing, canoeing, skiing or any other sport, extreme or otherwise.

DateActive is an online community for anyone with an interest in The Great Outdoors. Here you will find plenty of like-minded people who prefer an active lifestyle.


Membership of the Dateactive community is simple, register for free, browse and when you are ready, create your own profile for others to see.


DateActive is not just for those seeking romance; Find fellow travellers, activity partners and so on. Register for free, now.

Testimonials and successes

We are happy to report that the site was already bringing people together, after only a few short months of operation. Several years down the line, the successes keep coming proving that DateActive really works!

Under the terms of our Data Protection Act registration, we do not identify the individuals. If you have met with success, we would love to hear from you, please email us.

In response to the automatic subscription expired email we received this ...

Never mind! I met the man I want to spend the rest of my life with through your site anyhow!

... and here are some other feedback emails we have had ...

We had a fantastic time on our short break together. We cycled around Poole harbour, went to the nudist beach (which felt really natural) and cycled up onto the Purbecks and camped. He ticks all the boxes which is a first for me. Our relationship goes from strength to strength and we both know we feel the same way about each other which is a first for me. Who is to say what the future will hold but you just have to enjoy those moments and have as much fun in the process. You have to go with your gut feeling when you meet someone for the first time. We both just knew and were very sure. We had built up a fun relationship on the internet first. We are always laughing and joking and tell each other how we want refunds on our subscriptions when we really take the micky. We try to take photos of each other that we think would make good profile pictures! Thank you for helping me to meet the love of my life, we will be recommending your site to others.

I met someone sixteen months ago through contacting her on your web site. Your site has the advantage over many others in that it brings together people who are ‘like minded’, with similar ideas as to how they want to experience life and all that it has to offer. I believe that is why, on our first meeting, we both knew we would end up getting married. Prior to using your site both she and myself had spent many hours trolling through general dating sites trying to sift out who we felt would meet our needs. None did, until we found your service. Having fallen in love, we get married in October this year (2009). Both our lives have changed for the better and we live life to the full, enjoying yachting and walking on the west coast of Scotland, and planning our future which includes travelling the world. All thanks to your ‘specialist’ dating service.

A couple of years ago, I spotted an advert for Dateactive in Canoe Focus, and helped my colleague to join up. Every Wednesday lunchtime, we'd check out the 'talent', and I continued to 'window shop' while she was on holiday. Anyway, I spotted a really nice man from Yorkshire - modest, gentle, caring - and when she returned, we winked at him. To cut a long story short, they've been regular hill-walking companions for a couple of years . . . and just decided to get married!


Thanks for a great website. I registered about 6 weeks ago and am now sat here with an engagement ring on my finger! One of your other dateactive members contacted me and we hit it off straight away. We're planing to get married in the summer. Thank you so much.

I have met several people through the site already and have considered it to be excellent value for money thus far.


Thanks to DateActive, I met someone very early on in my subscription, who I see regularly and get on very well with. (I was looking for a companion, but got unexpected passion too!) I’m also in regular e-mail contact with someone the other end of the country, who I’ll probably never meet but who shares the same interests.

I suspended my profile earlier this week, because I MET SOMEONE from your site about 4 weeks ago and we're developing a happy RELATIONSHIP !!! I found him by looking slightly outside my normal age range (older) and most of his friends are younger him by the same factor that most of my friends are older than me, so that was a big thing we've got in common, plus we both run our own businesses. On the active side, Mountain biking was the link, plus the fact that he sails - sailing's something I've always wanted to do. We are even heading off soon for our first holiday together.


I wanted to say a big thank you to Date Active, as I have met someone on your website and we are very happy indeed! I never thought it would happen to me, but out of the blue I have met a wonderful man and I hope it is the start of a very happy future together.

Just wanted to say that the reason I suspended my subscription was purely because your site works! Met my Rockclimbing Romeo through your site, so thanks a million!!!!

So, congratulations to these couples, we send them our best wishes. We are pleased that DateActive works!

We are very keen to offer a good customer service and respond to all email enquiries as soon as we can. One new member needed some help to get started and seemed impressed by the service ...

Well thank you just thought I would get an automated response. Nice to get one from a real person.

I would like to say thank you for your very professional w.site -you manage it very well and I am very pleased I subscribed.

Found your emails, polite encouraging and informative - a very positive introduction and gives me confidence to have a go at contacting someone.

Ive just sent of the cheque and pics, thanks for activating my membership and for being very helpful throughout, always a shock when people are helpful is'nt it !!

... we don't think it should be a shock when people are helpful, to us it is perfectly normal ...

Just wanted to say thank you very much for being so helpful with the recent problems I experienced with your website. After initially thinking it was an administration problem it appears it was in fact an issue with my ISP. Your response to my enquiry was prompt professional and extremely helpful. The fact that you even replied was better than other sites by 100% as they don't bother. Thanks again for all your help in dealing with this matter.

Many thanks for the prompt advice (I wish other internet providers were as prompt and courteous as you are). I tried your advice and have made a new page with photos on so I'll see what happens if that's ok. The site is a fantastic idea and I'm looking forward to making new friends (and who knows what else might occur) through it.

... You're welcome and thanks for letting us use your feedback.