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You probably found this page by searching for 'Adventure Racing outdoors singles' or 'Adventure Racing fitness dating' or perhaps even 'dating for Adventure Racing singles' in the hope that you would find like-minded singles for friendship or romance in your area. Congratulations, you have found the UK's original outdoors and fit, active people's dating and friendship site. To find a potential match, simply use the advanced search facility here. We don't want you to feel pressured into signing up so you can search and view dating profiles without registering on the site.

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Many adventure racers spend a lot of time training for these rigorous events. This can leave little time for a relationship and 'normal human beings' find this hard to understand. If you are an extreme adventure racer, you will know exactly what we mean. The best people with whom to form relationships are fellow adventure racers but unless you attend the same events, you may not meet. That's where a site like Dateactive comes in handy. Search for fellow adventure racers in your area and further afield. It's not just for dating, it's to help outdoor people connect. By joining Dateactive today, tomorrow you may just find your best training partner or even soulmate.

Getting the Most From Your Adventure Racing Dating Profile.

create a profile that shows your passion for Adventure Racing, what you're looking for in your activity partner and why you would be a great soulmate. Avoid wittering on about your Adventure Racing, your last great holiday etc, save that for your date! Mentioning a couple of your preferred places for Adventure Racing could resonate with other singles viewing your profile, leading to a date. When the writing is done and you click the finish profile button, post some photos, especially any that show you participating in Adventure Racing.

You only need to pay when you are good and ready to start sending messages to other members.

Adventure Racing Dating Builds Better Relationships

With your passion for Adventure Racing, it stands to reason that you'll hit it off with other adventure racers. No more tame coffee/beer/wine etc dates or going to see films! What better way to get acquainted with each other than to spend time doing an activity you both love — so go on a Adventure Racing date instead. Our top tip is to begin at a lower level of activity than you are normally used to, so that conversation is easier. You can soon find a level that suits both of you. So why look elsewhere, join the Dateactive Adventure Racing Community TODAY for Free!

About Adventure Racing

Adventure racing is a tough sport. It involves navigation and self-sufficiency over wild terrain. A 'sprint' length race lasts for a few hours and is completed in one day. An 'expedition' length adventure race is designed as a multi-day, multi-discipline event. Adventure racing, particularly races involving several disciplines, are sometimes referred to as 'raids'.

There is no real agreement as to when exactly adventure racing began, many claim that the first Karrimor mountain marathon in 1968 was the birth of the sport. In truth, there probably wasn't a single place or time, it has just evolved from a variety of different sports, as organisers find more and more ways of challenging competitors.

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