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Questions and Answers ...

How do I sign up?
You do not need to register until you are sure the site is for you. You can browse up to 10 profiles before the system will force you to register.

When you are ready to register, simply click the "Register" button near the top of most pages on the site and fill in a few details. You will then receive a welcome email. If you do not receive the welcome email, chances are that you have entered an incorrect email address or your email provider has blocked it, thinking it is spam.

If the site tells you that you have entered an invalid email address, it means that it is already on the system i.e. you have already registered as a member. You can only have one account per email address. If you want a second account, you have to use a different email - we would prefer it if you had just the one account as it keeps the database size down, helping to optimise the speed of the site.

You will be invisible on the site until you have set up a profile - we recommend that you also include a photo.

Once you have registered, you can browse through the site to find other members. You only need to subscribe when you are ready to contact another member. You can remain a member for as long as you wish without needing to have a subscription although that is not fair to other users who have seen the profile that you have chosen to display and may have taken out a subscription specifically to contact you. Therefore we recommend that if you neither wish nor intend to subscribe, you should suspend your profile.

You can suspend or cancel your membership at any time by using the 'my profile' link when you are logged in. There is no minimum length of membership, nor is there a maximum! We would prefer you to delete your account when you no longer wish to remain a member. We do not delete accounts as we have had complaints from people, some of whom had not used theirs for over 18 months!

In order to use the contact system, you need a subscription, the shortest subscription is 1 month (see also the payments FAQs).
What is a username?
A username is your alias on the site. Your username is what other members will see when they access your profile instead of your real name. Username should be in a Alpha-numeric form but at least 3 characters not exceeding 15 characters. Usernames must not have spaces or special characters such as (@--#%^&_*+). If your username is taken try putting some numbers before or after the name (example: 123John or John123).
When will my details show up on the site?
When you have added a profile to the site, it will require approval. The approval process occurs a couple of times during Business hours each weekday. If you have been waiting more than two working days for approval of your profile, please let Jo, the webmistress know -
That way, we can keep the site largely free of scammers. We do our best to sift out the latter, though please be aware that some may get through so we cannot guarantee that the site is scam free. Please use your own discretion; if you do happen to see what may be a scammer profile, please email us the details and we will investigate.
Why have I not received a welcome email?
You may have entered an incorrect email address, if you do not receive your welcome email within a few minutes, please log back in and check your email address is correct. You can then request a copy of the welcome email from
Your email provider may have blocked the welcome email thinking it is spam. For example Yahoo often put dateactive email into the bulk folder.
I have had some abuse from members who think that I have ignored their email to me. I have not. I DO NOT ignore email, everything is answered. Please, before you moan at me, check your spam folder - it is as frustrating for me not to be able to contact people who have contacted me too!
Where do I find the terms and conditions for use of this site?
Please follow this link ...
Do you offer free one to one tuition in using the site?

Sorry, no, although we do try to be as helpful as possible. We appreciate that different individuals have different skills and different ways of thinking and organising data and that may not be the same as how things are organised on the site.

Please feel free to email Jo on if you cannot find information you need in the FAQ section. This is not a 24 hour year round service. You will either receive a link to the page that contains your answer or she will raise a new FAQ and inform you of its whereabouts.

If you wish to criticise or complain, please bear in mind that it was your choice to sign up to the site - it is not possible for us to customise the site for an individual user.

If you do require one to one tuition we can offer a paid for service - contact Jo on with your requirements and she will give your a price quote.
How do I manage my account?

Sign in and use the links on your members page to change your profile, read messages, order subscriptions etc.
We recommend that you log in frequently to check if anyone has tried to contact you.

You can suspend or even cancel your membership (which removes your profile) by following the 'My Profile' link on the members menu - the members menu appears immediately below the main navigation line near the top of the site, and is only visible when you are logged in.The available options are found to the left of your profile status message.
Please note that we do not remove your details - they are completely in your control.
Can I join as a British ex-pat?

The site is aimed at the UK market, however British expats are welcome to join if they feel that the site is appropriate for their needs.

Choose the 'British Expat' option from the countries option. 

You can then choose from the counties option box - either the UK county where you are likely to have a possible base when you visit or you can choose your county as 'outside the UK' . 

The town box can be filled in with whatever you choose, including your country of residence if you wish.

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