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Portes du Soleil - winter and summer playground ...

This region lies just to the south of Lake Geneva (lac Leman) which comprises the resorts of Abondance, Avoriaz, La Chapelle d'Abondance, Châtel, Les Gets, Montriond, Morzine, Saint Jean d'Aulps, Champéry, Morgins, Torgon, Val d'Illiez, Les Crosets, Champoussin - probably a good number of members are familiar with the region. But for those who are not, it was conceived around 40 years back and now offers a wide range of skiing, both cross country and downhill for all grades. It is claimed that the ski area is one of the most varied in the world and has over 250 pistes - plenty to keep even the most ardent skier going for a while. The region is served by almost 200 cable cars, chairlifts and tows which makes getting around fairly straightforward. It is open for skiing from Mid December to mid April for skiing.

Morzine is probably the best known resort to the British, traditional (first skiing before WW1 and the first lift built in the 30s) and picturesque it is a great winter getaway. It is about an hour's drive from Geneva and it is easy to get to such towns as Annecy, Thonon and Evian. The slopes above Morzine are excellent for beginners and intermediates so is a good base for those of you who have mastered the basics wish to develop your skills. You will find much more than just skiing and snowboarding at Morzine, markets, shops, restaurants and a vibrant night life, particularly during the ski season.

But it is less known as a summer destination. That is changing, the cable cars and chairlifts are open during the day and the area is being developed for mountain biking with several bike parks. The uphill bit is made really easy - buy a lift pass and you can downhill all day long on technical singletrack, doubletrack, ski pistes and of course manufactured trails which are bermed and with jumps. If you think you are hard enough, try the Passportes du Soleil mountain bike event. Up to 75km in length, around 500m of uphill and 7000m of descent (varies each year). The hub of the event is generally in the centre of Morzine, with a bike show, bike skills demos and stalls. So in short, Morzine in the French Alps is a great place for ski singles, snowboard singles and mountain bikers.

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The OMM (Original Mountain Marathon)

The OMM started life in 1968 as the KIMM, organised by Karrimor. It was the original mountain marathon style of event and 2008 was the first one ever called off. A month's worth of rain in 24 hours plus high winds was bound to make things difficult. However it was the media who really made things difficult, worrying family and friends with reports of thousands of people missing etc. etc. One might have expected that the organisers would have been put off by the hassles of the previous year but no, the 2009 OMM went ahead - as always, genuine outdoors people take responsibility for themselves and so the nanny state and litigation culture that sadly has permeated the UK from the USA took a (minor) kick in the teeth as plenty of people entered. The race was based in Wales this year, the Elan valley and the weather this year was windy with some rain. I suspect the city journos who were rubbing their hands in glee at the prospect of sensationalising trivia like they did last year were disappointed as the event passed smoothly. Ahhh, shame. There are plenty of race reports, for example on the Planet Fear site - which is well worth reading.

German Ramblers Upset Swiss Authorities ...

Found this little gem whilst browsing the BBC web site. Apparently, German ramblers have been heading into Switzerland and hiking through the countryside starkers, except for boots, socks and a rucksack. But that is no surprise as I understand from a yachting friend with a German girlfriend that they are not averse to shedding their clothes at the drop of a hat. Back to the story ... this nude hiking has upset the authorities of the canton concerned as they are worried about the effect it would have on families holidaying in the area. They are so bothered about it that they have passed a new law before the rambling season begins, so naked ramblers beware!

Original report - click here

Mountain Bikers poisoned by sheep!

Here's something to chew on the next time you open your sarnies on a mountain bike ride in sheep country ... at least 160 riders who entered the Builth Wells Mountain Biking Marathon last year ended up with sickness and diarrhoea. After the public health boys and girls had investigated, they reckoned it was the sheep sh*t on the course. It was a bit wet and muddy so the intrepid mtbers ended up eating the mud as they snacked. I would have thought it was just kicked up from the wheels but hey-ho, the public health folks know best. The recommendation is that you wash your hands before eating!! The race organisers say eat out of protective wrappers. Someone else said don't set the mtb course through fields covered in sh&t. We say sod all that, just make the farmers put nappies on their sheep to stop them cr*$&ing in the first place!! Just joking, honest!